This is a very cute song about this type of dress , which is very famous of Vietnamese girls and this dress has been presented to their image.

Vietnamese Traditional Dress “Ao Dai”

The word “Ao Dai” translated into English literally “Long Dress”. It is now more commonly know as the National outfit for Vietnamese women.

The Ao Dai traces its history all the way back to the 1700’s when Lord Vu Vuong of the Nguyen dynasty set a precedent that all men and women are to wear trousers and a top that buttoned up from the front. The original styles that were created back in the 1700’s were nothing similar to what we all see today in today’s society. They were more concealed and less revealing and used as more of a respectable outfit than a fashion statement.

The earliest recollection of the current styles surfaced in the 1930’s and in the 1950’s two Saigon designers started making the Ao Dai with the cross seams which start at the neck and run towards the underarm. This style is the preferred style and has been adapted into society until today. Todays Ao Dai is tailored to each person and is designed to be well fitted to accentuate the beauty of each person wearing the ao dai. Ao dai also one of the part in any beauty competitor around Viet Nam. Please see the link below :

The Ao Dai is most commonly worn today for special occasions for men and women. Although it is still widely used today by young girls and female students who wear white Ao Dai for uniform as white represents purity for the girls. For females who are older but who are not married tend to wear colours which are soft pastel shades for ladies who are married they will tend to wear strong rich colours to symbolize the female’s status.

These days Ao Dai is also worn by many others as a uniform, these include people who work in hotels, staff offices and even flight attendants.

It’s quite easy to design a new style for this type of dress, please check here to view more


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