“Áo Tứ Thân” ( Ao Tu Than )

The Áo Tứ Thân is considered one of Vietnam’s most enduring relics, having been worn widely by women centuries before the Áo dài as we know today as the traditional outfit of Vietnam. When Vietnam’s population expanded and migrated southward, the Áo Tứ Thân gradually became more commonly associated specifically with the northern women.

The model of “Ao tu than” in the early 20 cetury.

The Áo tứ thân is open at the front, like a jacket, and at the waist the tunic splits into two flaps: a full flap in the back (made up of two flaps sewn together) and the two flaps in the front which are not sewn together but can be tied together or left dangling. Moreover, a long skirt will be worn under the tunic and a “Yếm” which is an ancient piece of clothing worn as an undergarment by women to cover the chest area. The Áo tứ thân comes in many fabrics and colours, normally worn under the skirt and outer tunic, also has a silk sash, which is tied up at the waist as a belt.

The Áo Tứ Thân known in modern-day Vietnam (worn almost exclusively in northern-related festivals and events) tends to be extremely colourful, using different colour gradients throughout the dress, from the tunic to the undergarments to the skirts. In addition, the Áo tứ than is now non-existent in terms of its daily use in Vietnam. This outfit has now become the official costume in traditional occasions such as festivals and events, especially in northern Vietnam.

Nowadays, this special dress still using when some provinces up North has festival. People wear it and sing as the scene in the past.

Another interesting thing is many beautiful ladies are chose this custom to be their nation custom in the international championship.

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