“Áo bà ba”  ( Ao ba ba )

The vedio above is a song about “Ao ba ba” the special shirt of women in the South of Viet Nam.

The “áo bà ba” simply consists of a pair of silk pants and a long-sleeved, button down silk shirt. The shirt will normally be somewhat long and split at both sides of the waist, forming two flaps with one in the front and one in the back. In the front of the shirt at the very bottom are usually two pockets and as stated there will be buttons all the way down the front of the shirt.

In the later nineteenth century, there was a significant improvement to the original outfit that we commonly see today and its name is the “Bà Ba”. However, people have also said that the “Áo bà ba” spread to neighbouring countries through the process of cultural exchange. It was more specifically known as the costume of the “BaBa” people – a group of Chinese natives who lived on the Penang Island of Malaysia. When you compare this outfit to the traditional clothing within the country and to those foreign to the country, then perhaps the Áo bà ba is one of the most simple of outfits. The outfit’s modesty is consistent with the people’s view of the Vietnamese lifestyle of simplicity. Furthermore, the Áo bà ba has also inter woven the medley of light connecting the past and the present of traditional costumes.


Nowadays, with the extremely rapid development of fashion and technology, the style and trends of clothes in Vietnam has been changed quite a lot, as the majority of Vietnamese woman do not often wear the Áo bà ba. This is due to the main reason’s of it is not suitable for the every day wear nor is it suitable for their jobs or style. This is especially noticeable in the twenty-first century as the majority of the population will tend to follow western trends due to strong western influence throughout the country. However, people can still see Áo bà ba in some Vietnamese traditional events or even some fashion shows but the Áo bà ba will be modified to more current styles and colours. They will therefore instead of using the traditional black colour, the designer will create the outfits with other colours or using more patterns which can make the Áo bà ba look more fashionable and suitable to today’s society.


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