Symbolic dress

Dress in Botswana has different meaning depending on different part of the country.  The northern part of the country has Herero tribe who are known for their exotic elegant Herero dress, sewn with layers of fabric.  The dress has a Victorian era style which was adopted from the nineteenth century German missionaries in Namibia, and has to be worn with a head dress.   This dress symbolises dignity and elegance.  Nowadays  the dress has been developed into distinctive attire, well accessorised and made from contemporary fabrics.

Most of other tribes wear leteisi, known as German print, which can be sewn into different dresses.  The original leteisi fabric was blue in colour.  The fabric nowadays comes in different colours and designed in westernised styles.  Leteisi  dress is used in most ceremonies like during the wedding.  When one get married, she should were a leteisi dress and a shawl as a sign that she has become a married woman.  During patlo, a cultural proceed to ask for a name in marriage, married women also wear leteisi dress.  The German print is now being designed into contemporary dress, including stylised wedding gowns.  Paramount chief of the mian tribes of Botswana wear a leopard skin which symbolised outhority and fearlessness.  This is because it is believed that for them to head people, they should be strong. 



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