During period of times:

Shan-zhou: During this period, the main color of the dress is warm and mainly about yellow, the yellow color is more vivid than others, the penetration is also strong enough, so it can be stored over a long time. Shang-zhou dynasties and dyeing methods are often painted with dye, particularly red, yellow, etc. After being woven in the fabric, then people add pictures on the clothes.

Qin-han: Corona crown, the ancient emperors to participate in the ritual ceremony, ritual wear the crown.  Crown crown the top of the first round with a rectangular rear plate crown, crown board hanging around the “crown tassel.” Tassel and crown material is a sign to differ different levels of people.

Empress of the Qing Dynasty court dress
Towards the crown by the Queen’s court dress, they are made of the DPRK coat, skirt and beads toward the other components.


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