The initial is called “banner of the gown.” Speaking of its origin, there is such a legendary legend: When Qing Dynasty through customs, manchurian dominate the world, costumes banner incoming Central Plains. A black girl who fishing for her life was very smart, but very shiny black skin, though, had grown very beautiful, with good body, was known as “Pretty in Black.” In order to facilitate her fishing, she put the original large set of “monolithic” skirt, cut into narrow buckle dress casual. Later, the black girl elected to the Royal Palace, called “Black Goddess.” Cheongsam is thus spread. To the late Qing Dynasty, “ingot collar” used quite widely. To Xianfeng, Tongzhi years, reached a peak during the roll set, or even the whole entire dress with lace inserts roll, and even almost impossible to identify the original cloth. It can be said that technology is a culmination of dress.

Through 1911, the traditional concept of harsh manners and morals thrown aside, and lifted the strict hierarchy of the system serving all the shackles. Shanghai is a center for women seeking liberation, coupled with Western culture. Cheongsam tends to simple, elegant tone and strive to pay attention to reflect the natural beauty of women. To the mid-thirties, cheongsam deviates from both sides increased, tight waist, show that women’s curves. Forties, the cheongsam clothing style tends to shorten the length, to reduce the high collar, sleeve length of 2-3 inches under the shoulder-length or no sleeves, such as streamlined shape. Shanghai woman will dress interpreted varied and lovely.

The art of dress: the two first lady of modern China – Soong Ching Ling and Kai-shek, they wear cheongsam in some important occasions, not only reflect the beauty of Asian women, it will sublimate into the Chinese cheongsam dress. I have only put countless Asian Oriental Road, not artistically, in order to appropriately bring out the oriental elegance, the beauty of scenery.


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