Botswana Fashion, now and then

Botswana is located in the southern part of Africa with a population of 1.1million.  It is known of its rich cultural beliefs and traditions.  Fashion is one of the dressing aspects that the nation  uphold with respect and esteem.  There are a variety of tribes who have different cultural dress.  The northern part of the country has Herero tribe who are known for their exotic Herero dress, sewn with layers of fabric.  The native people are known of the leather attire, which is also used as traditional dance attire, made of tanned animal skin.  Most of other tribes wear leteisi, known as German print, which can be sewn into different dresses.  The German print is now being designed into contemporary dress, including stylised wedding gowns.  Herero dresses nowadays are also sewn with latest fabrics and accessorised to develop their designs.



Traditional Dress Parade at Botswana



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