Miss World and Cultural Dress


Miss World and cultural dress

Miss world is beauty peagent which has been running for decades.  This is where beautiful young ladies from all over the world parade their beauty and showcase their intelligence.  Recently the peagant reinstitutionalised it to incampus cultural dress.  Contestants  presents their countries in cultural dresses.  This shows an evolution of fashion, highlighting where we come from and where we are today in terms of fashion trends.  It is notable that most of the styles that we see today existed in the past.

Different countries has significant styles that describe and portray their believes and traditions.  The Victorian style dress is one example that we see on the ramp.  The style is modified and designed to the latest trends that are popular and prefered by most people.    This also shows diverse cultures that exist in our countries.  Dress has a meaning and describes a lot of our personalities.  For contestants to wear their cultural dress, it helps to preserve our culture and remind ourselves of where we come from.



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